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December 2017

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It was recently reported that Idaho as the fastest growing state in the union over the past year. With an increase of 2.2 percent, roughly 37,000 new residents flocked to Idaho. Our neighbor to the east, however, experienced just the opposite.

Despite having similar topographies, Wyoming hasn’t been able to get away from resource dependence. A vast majority of the state is very dependent on coal mining. With cheap natural gas resources on the rise, coal has declined in demand over the past few years.

Meanwhile on the western side of the border, Idaho produces no coal and also has no significant petroleum or natural-gas reserves. Instead of trying to continue mining any mineral wealth, Idaho chose to diversify after the gold rush which has led to

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Autumn has come and gone and winter is in full swing. As we head into the holidays, we wanted to take a little time to look back on the last quarter to provide our clients with some useful information on the current Sun Valley real estate market. While off-season months can be a little, it can also be a great time for a buyer to pick up a great value. Inventory is finally starting to drop in certain neighborhoods allowing some prices to rise as we head into winter. Take a look below as we examine the fall months as compared to last year. We also have highlighted some of our favorite events in the upcoming winter months. Merry Christmas!


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It was recently announced that Idaho has the largest percentage increase in population in the last year. With a 2.2 percent increase from July 2016 to July 2017 the state’s population now sits at about 1.7 million residents, about 37,000 of them new.

This just goes to show something we have known all along: Idaho is a great place to live, work and play! Idaho offers a variety of benefits for residents from affordability to easy access to all sorts of recreational activities. Culture continues to blossom in metropolitan or resort areas like Boise, McCall, Sandpoint and of course, Sun Valley.

Idaho has flown under the radar for some time, but it is clear many people are starting to realize Idaho is more than just a land of potatoes. If you are looking

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While it may seem counter-intuitive, the holidays are actually a great time to take some stock of your home and determine what items just might not be necessary. During this time of year, you can expect to have large family gatherings, expansive feasts, and holiday decorations throughout your home. In fact, many people will hold on to items just to be used during this special time of year. With that notion, if those items aren’t actually getting used during the holidays, it might be time to purge yourself of some clutter.

  1. Kitchen gadgets – When your extended family comes to visit and you have to cook meals to feed a small army, chances are you are maximizing your kitchen’s potential. Whether it is that fancy gravy boat or the 12 random spatulas you
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