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January 2017

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As a resident of the Wood River Valley since 1979, Stacey Rutherford knows a thing or two about the area! Living, working, playing and raising a family here for over 35 years has resulted in an intimate understanding of the Valley that few can match. Throw in her 20 years of real estate experience and Stacey is uniquely situated to provide her clients with unparalleled market insight and strategy.

Buying or selling a home can be a life-changing decision and Stacey understands this. She is known for going the extra mile when it comes to helping her clients through what can be a stressful and emotional process. Whether it’s wading through paperwork, getting a house ready to show, or packing up boxes before moving day, Stacey will be beside you every step

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Demand is growing in our state as we see property appreciation rates increase year over year. Idaho currently sits at about an 8.2% growth rate in property values since last year.

Property appreciation is calculated based on repeat sales of the same properties. Increasing home prices usually indicate rising demand. While in the Wood River Valley, it is still considered a buyer’s market, that may not be the case for long. If demand drives prices up then we could be a seller’s marketing in no time.

Over all, the Pacific Northwest has shown incredibly strong appreciation year over year with Washington and Oregon at over 10%. If you are thinking of buying a home in the Sun Valley area, now may be the time. All signs are pointing towards a growing market

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If you have been reading the news lately, you may have noticed that Idaho seems to be having a bit of a "moment". Apparently, Idaho is the new black! 

As we enter into a new year, many people use this time to plan ahead for the year to come. Well, according to a couple of major publications, those plans should include a trip to Idaho, and more specifically, the Sun Valley area. Vogue Magazine released the top travel destinations for 2017. Only 10 places were selected and only one of the 10 was in the United States. Idaho came in at number 7!

Now as residents, we completely understand why Idaho made the list, but many people are probably surprised. Idaho may seem incredibly rural to outsiders, but the culture packed into smaller cities is

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