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How Smart Is Your Home?

Wednesday, April 19th, 2017 at 10:21pm Engel & Völkers Sun Valley

As technology pushes forward in our world, there is no reason our homes should be left behind. Recent sale trends show that buyers are looking for a certain level of sophistication in a new home purchase. Whether you are looking to buy or sell in the near future, there are a few creature comforts you may want to see

  1. Leak Detection Sensors – Smoke detectors are commonplace in most homes and jurisdictions. However, beyond smoke detectors, devices like carbon monoxide, radon, and moisture detectors can make a home very appealing to buyers. Not only does it show you are concerned about safety, but also alludes to the fact that you take pride in your home and have probably taken great care of it.
  2. Connected Thermostats – Energy consumption and possible savings is a big deal and only getting bigger. The smarter your thermostat the more appealing your home may appear. Connected thermostats help take a lot of the guesswork out of trying to be energy considerate. By learning your habits they can help regulate wasted energy and keep power bills down.
  3. Smart Garage Doors – Have you ever been at the office and wondered if you closed the garage door? New garage doors allow you to use your smart phone or computer to check if the door is open and then close it from a far. Talk about reducing the anxiety being a homeowner!
  4. Connected Irrigation Systems – Just like thermostats control energy consumption, smart watering systems allow you to reduce water usage without having to micro manage your zones, watering times, and rainy days.
  5. Security Cameras – Security cameras used to be reserved for only the rich and famous. However, today’s technology allows you to drop a simple wifi camera pretty much anywhere. You can protect your home easily with a few cameras and show home buyers that you take the utmost care in your home.

Smart home technology is moving forward just as fast as personal technology. So if you don’t have a rotary phone any longer you may want to consider why you still have that dusty old thermostat in the hallway. Think about upgrading a few of these items and it will not only make owning your home easier, but also make it more appealing to a potential buyer should you decide to sell.

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